Bracelet is part of the durian packaging for the coming season and is obtained by purchasing durians. The bracelet is not for sale. Donations are used to support this project, welfare center receive wages and monthly material support.
RM 20.00

The 37°Strand Story

Numerous single mothers and welfare groups have been picked to spearhead this programme, where members were taught how to weave bracelets by hand. These bracelets are then bought by DooranDooran and will be used as part of the brand’s new durian packaging. 

Aside from earning a living from their crafts, they will also gain self-esteem from knowing that they can do something with their bare hands to make life better for them and their family.

The name of this programme - 37°Strand - is inspired by the temperature of the human body. Ultimately, DooranDooran encourages everyone to embrace the warmth of humanity and to help one another, especially during this unprecedented time in modern history.

By donating to the 37°Strand, your kind contribution will help to keep this programme alive and providing further encouragement to these groups of individuals.

As the bracelets have already been paid for by DooranDooran for its packaging, your donation will go directly to the single mothers and special needs individuals in our programme. 

If you would also like to own a piece of this one-of-a-kind, handwoven bracelet, you will be able to get it for free with every purchase of durian with DooranDooran.

DooranDooran would also like to ask for your support in this meaningful initiative! With every RM20 contribution, one special needs individual or single mother in the 37°Strand project will be supported. Now, you can do a good deed while enjoying quality durian!