Our Dayummm Good Products!
Bracelet is part of the durian packaging for the coming season and is obtained by purchasing durians. The bracelet is not for sale. Donations are used to support this project, welfare center receive wages and monthly material support.
RM 20.00
【𝑪𝒐𝒐𝒍𝒄𝒐𝒏𝒖𝒕🥥】一椰暴富 (1 套 | 15包)
每套包含: 鲜甜椰子水 150 ml x 15包
RM 99.00
MUSANG KING 30 YEARS (1kg Fresh Pulp | 3 Boxes)
Each order contains: 1kg fresh pulp, Fresh coconut water x2, Handmade 37°Strand bracelet, Acacia wood fork, Gloves, Lemum tea, Phone tag, Portable wet wipes x2, Cotton mesh bag - All freshly packed in 3 rustic boxes.
RM 249.00
MUSANG KING 30 YEARS (800g Fresh Pulp | 2 Round Boxes)
We handpicked only the exceptional Musang King in our home-grown orchard. Guaranteed naturally grown, ripened and dropped off 30 year-old trees. Each order contains: Pulp from 4KG whole durian, freshly packed in 2 rustic boxes & Fresh coconut water x2.
RM 199.00
PREMIUM DURIAN D24 (800g Fresh Pulp | 2 Round Boxes)
Each set contains: 2 round boxes of D24 pulp |
RM 119.00 RM 169.00